The first Regina Early Years Family Resource Centres (EYFRC) opened to the public in Spring 2013 in beautiful spaces at the Gathering Place and Scott Collegiate. The Centres were developed through a community-based initiative to support the movement towards improved outcomes for children prenatal to age 5. It followed years of planning, research and outreach by community members and organizations determined to contribute to the healthy early childhood development of all young children in Regina.

There are now two EYFRC sites in Regina – our Main location at 3079 5th Ave. and our St. Matthew location (at 4710 Castle Rd. in St. Matthew School) – which both offer free programming and early childhood development play spaces for Regina’s youngest citizens and their parents and caregivers.

2021 – The EYFRC officially opened in our newly purchased and beautifully renovated location at 3079 5th Avenue in Regina, Saskatchewan.

2020 – The EYFRC transitioned to virtual and outdoor programming to meet the needs of Regina’s families during the pandemic. The three centres located in Regina schools remained closed, and a new space was purchased and renovated in anticipation of re-opening.

2018 – The Miller EYFRC relocated to St. Matthew School.

2017 – The EYFRC becomes a program administered by the Regina Early Learning Centre. A new EYFRC site at Sacred Heart Community School (formerly located at Scott Collegiate) opened to the public on Tuesday, July 4th.

2014 – New Centres at Dr. Hanna School (Dec. 2014 – March 2020) and Miller High School opened (Nov 2014 – Sept. 2017).

2013 – The first two Early Years Family Resource Centres opened at Scott Collegiate and the Gathering Place in early spring.

2012 – Family-friendly community consultations were held about the future EYFRC at nine locations throughout Regina for the public to provide input or learn about recent survey results.

2010 – The Understanding the Early Years Initiative (UEY), funded and supported by Human Resources and Development Canada, concluded a 3-year research and knowledge-building project in Regina. The Early Development Instrument (EDI), a measurement tool developed by the Offord Centre for Child Studies at McMaster University, was used to study early childhood development from birth to Kindergarten entry in Regina.

EDI results showed that kindergarten children in Regina scored significantly lower that their Canadian peers in all aspects of their development (physical, emotional, social, language and cognitive skills, and communication skills and general knowledge). Vulnerable children were found throughout Regina, and throughout all demographic groups. At its conclusion, the UEY Community Action Plan recommended the establishment of Neighbourhood Early Years Hubs, considered a gold standard of service delivery.