Affordable Nutrition

Regina Education & Action on Child Hunger (REACH) delivers a Good Food Box every two weeks for anyone in Regina who wants healthy, delicious, fresh food that’s affordable.

It's the next best thing to having a fruit & vegetable stand right on your corner!

This produce is as ripe and juicy as you would find at your local grocery store. It sells for a not-for-profit price, often saving you as much as 1/3 to 1/2 of your usual produce bill!

Getting a Good Food Box is Simple:

  • Each neighbourhood drop-off site (depot) has a volunteer coordinator who collects advance cash payment for the box.
  • Call 306-347-3224 to find your closest depot!
  • The produce is brought to our warehouse where a team of dedicated volunteers help carefully sort and pack each box.
  • Our drivers then deliver the boxes to depots throughout the city - within hours of our having received the produce!
  • Then just head over to your depot, fill your bags and take your delicious produce home. Two weeks later, we do it all again!

The Family Basket program is available to those on social assistance. With this program, you receive approximately 50 lbs of food, including: vegetables, fruit, bread, pasta, rice, eggs, and more for $30 per box. You can receive one or two boxes each month.

Once you sign-up, the payment will be automatically deducted from your social assistance cheque. You can have your Family Basket delivered directly to your home or pickup from our locations and receive ground beef as a bonus.

Talk to your social assistance worker for more information about this program or call REACH at 306-347-3224.

Contact your family worker or call 306-347-3224 for more information.

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