Prenatal Classes

Prenatal classes are a great way for women and their partners to prepare for pregnancy, childbirth, and the challenges of early parenthood. There are a several options for prenatal classes in Regina.

RQHR Prenatal Classes

You’re pregnant! Now is the time to get the most up-to-date information on having a healthy pregnancy, labour and delivery.

The RQHR offers FREE evening and weekend prenatal classes. Learn about what to expect during labour and delivery including relaxation techniques and other ways to help you stay comfortable. The classes also cover breastfeeding basics and what to expect in your early days home with your new baby. Your support person is encouraged to attend classes with you.

Register for prenatal classes as soon as you know you are pregnant. Call 306-766-7500 for more information about classes, times, and locations.

Four Directions - Healthiest Babies Possible Program

Healthiest Babies Possible Program - A holistic program designed for pregnant women up to 34 weeks gestation who have limited prenatal support. Individual support & advocacy are provided working together through a team that includes community health workers, a public health nurse, a nutritionist and others. The program is offered during prenatal period and up to 6 months post partum, and includes support groups and breastfeeding support. Childcare and transportation are provided to access programming.

Prenatal Classes - to talk about pregnancy, childbirth and your new baby with mothers. There is an opportunity to practice relaxation for labour, partners are welcome. We also have regular tours of labour & delivery. Time is spent with a nutritionist. Child Care is provided. Program is offered free. 

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