Calendar of Free Activities

Please Note: We make every effort to ensure information about events are current and accurate. Due to the many factors that can impact various events, we encourage you to contact the event organizer and confirm this information prior to attending. If you know of a non-profit, affordable event or activity for young children and/or their families that you do not see listed on our calendar, please email

The majority of activities and events listed on this calendar are FREE, and are offered on a drop-in basis - the goal is that on a given day, anyone who visits this website could participate in the activities, programs, or events that are listed (without having to pre-register in advance). One-day FREE activities that do require pre-registration, and activities that require minimal fees are occasionally included in the calendar. However, there are many other free programs and activities offered in Regina for which pre-registration is required, which are not included in this calendar, as well as a significant number of programs and activities that require fees to participate. If you are interested in learning more about the range of programs offered, we encourage you to contact or the organization offering the type of program you are interested in. This is the disclaimer.

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