What does it require to be a Baby Friendly Space?

  1. Encourage families to feed their children anytime, anywhere. If families ask for a quiet space, provide one if possible.
  2. Make staff and volunteers aware on how to make their business or organization a Baby Friendly Space.
  3. Let the public know that the business or organization is a Baby Friendly Space

It is easy. It does not cost anything to join or be a Baby Friendly Space. Education resources will be provided.

Here is how:

  1. Complete our online registration form.
  2. Complete the checklist to ensure you have met the criteria of the program. Use the resources provided.
  3. Arrange for a site visit to receive your certificate of participation and more resources. Once you have registered we will contact you to arrange for a site visit.
  4. After the site visit, your business or organization will be placed on the Baby Friendly Spaces Program website.